No shallow breath with laughter!

Breathing  or inhaling air is a mechanism starting by a  nose ( never mind the size  😀  ),  the air is refined  and  distributed through lungs ( should have healthy ones, beware from  smoking and  smoke,  all kind of dusts, chemical odors,  ….etc )  and finally but  not  the  end 😉   breathing out or exhaling  to make out all wastes and toxins. the inhalation and exhalation procedure  will  not  be fully successful  or I can say satisfactory  without the presence of  good conditions for  a healthy breathing starting by clean air, happy  none stressed mood  and  a  good  nutrition  ( rich in iron, the best eat green leaves, never mind to mimic Sheep`s   😀 ).

We can stay without foods for three or four weeks, without water for three weeks but we can not stay without air for more than three minutes  (O ___ O), yes that is the truth which everybody of us  knows but even though, we are leaving half breathing, I can say most of us are lazy to inhale a fully breathe!  how can I show that? Ah, yes it looks like this (: o)  and like that (:O) , the less we inhale air the more our lungs become minuscule same as the letter “o” comparing with the letter “O”when we take a big amount of air and fill up our lungs,   that means less Oxygen  penetrating  our blood.  1/5  (20%)   of  air contains  O2 , the more the air is polluted  the more Oxygen decreases, of course  the O2 inhaled decrease too! So, what  can be the solution? where ever we are there is something called pollution, in the house we can leave with the presence of  detergents, perfumes, dust can be  from certain blankets, carpets or curtains, it can be human  or animal skin and hair  …etc In the gardens can be pollen, soil, animal wastes …etc Outdoors,yes,  all that tones of  car wastes, and  heavy wind scoping kinds  of Forms and types of pollutants to the air and to the nature!  of course it is close to miracle to avoid  it! Starting by our domiciles and our offices by avoiding some bad habits, yes I am calling it bad habits, when we expose our selves to detergents without taking precautions is a bad habit, when we dust in steed to use  vacuum  for anything furniture,  bed and even pillows and curtains …it is also a bad habit. I want to say, we have to try to avoid as much as possible all behaviors affecting  the air therefore touching us! There is an Arabic proverb saying “do not throw ourselves to perdition”

Watching this video  is making me laugh on my failures and smile  for my success but never laugh on somebody so special  and  hilarious like this man! Ah, LAUGHTER is the best medicine!!!  From now on, no shallow breath, keep laughing but chose the right place to inhale a fresh healthy air and stimulate your day 😉

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When your crop is not growing well, ask your seeds !

The largest seed in the world is coco de mer or as it is known by its name double coconut (giant fan palm) reach up to 44 lbs of weight , mostly found in the Seychelles in the Indian ocean.

0.2 mm in diameter,it is the smallest seed in the world coming from a plant called coral-root orchid.

A seed is carrying all genetic traits for a plant however its size or shape.

I feel compelled to correct some strategy ways of limitless disregard of some campaigns toward the virginity and the generosity of a seed!

Thousands years ago, men and seeds live together tirelessly, the more men plant the more seeds are giving rewards, the circle of life was going so perfectly, mostly without any strikes.

Humans population grow, seeds crops proliferate. How?! the answer is so  simple, the same way our population is growing the seeds community grows too. Farmers increase, crops reproduce. A very strong relationship between plants and humans, we are serving it and it is serving us, a wonderful and harmonic reciprocity!

But Greed and avarice brought some individuals to play with seeds gens in the end that leaded to the depopulation of seeds, sterilization of Earth and a quit slow termination of humanity! The results are thwarting!

Among the companies working on GMO’s field, the famous Monsanto and the greediest one! some are calling it Monsatan, related to Satan itself, For its immoral acts!

Anyway,  I am here not to point the finger on a specific company neither to lead a certain group, no, I am present to remind people about a very important fact which is HEALTH, yes , being healthy is already a real wealth that we are owning, so many are ignoring this fact or may be just not giving  it its true value. Living a life without disease is a gift from the almighty god, look at yourself if you have a very mild flue or if you brook a leg or cat one of your fingers, even so mildly, an annoying feeling and a disturbing one 😦

The consumption of GMOs can result serious heath troubles for humans as well as for animals,  some of the studies on laboratory rats showed that, those latter suffered from the shrink of the brain and extensibility of the pancreas, the rats was consuming GM potatoes….!!!

“you should be able to see patently that  the destiny of the humanity is more vulnerable  presently than it ever has been!”

These are some of the opposite  opinions  that I had chosen  to convey the different ways of people thinking!

@Gumby518 I didn’t mean to be offensive by it I just meant that the supposed cancer caused by GM foods (which I don’t personally believe) would occur 10-70 years from now. Meanwhile there are 1000s if not 100,000s dying right this moment from the famine caused by drought. I’d rather die of cancer old than starve young. There is a big difference.”

@jasusi2 Humans have survived quite well without poisoned GM food, but they wont be surviving long with it.

Look at the crime that took place in the UK, where GM potatos were found to be deadly, which then led to the esteemed research team being sacked & a smear campain launched against them by corrupt media acting for corrupt government officials who work closely with GM toxic food producers.”

Author: Fatin Khawarizmi

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Rural commercial signs and e-signs

How remunerative is the rural business signs  or  outdoor commercial signs ?

Are the size, shape and place important for the success of a commercial  banner?

Is the slogan stronger than the picture as a commercial advertising banner?

Is the costing price equivalent  with the benefit of the  banners ?

Everywhere,  tons and tons of commercial signs hanged up and down, different colors and slogans, millions of dollars spent on piles  of rectangular or circular handcrafted boards, waterproof and insect-proof materials, all calling for a same purpose.

Although the diversity of the majority of  investments, some signs are attracting  people  and are  enough visible to say come buy me or invest in me and some barely noticeable!

Through my experience in business, the value of commercial sign  is in its guidances not on signage beauty and the  costing decoration of the commercial sign, however, its importance  for any franchise  or  franchiser  lies in the extent of the interest or benefit imported to the beneficiary (in other words, what you’ll gain as an investor, franchiser… etc )

Nowadays, we can explore a new type of signs,  it is the virtual signs or networking signs that we can find everywhere popping while browsing, chatting, entertaining,….., can the latter be more beneficiary than rural signs as we start to believe in e-market?!   😀

Author :  Fatin khawarizmi


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Water memories in the sewage!

The total world population is currently estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau to be 6,894,765,132.
lets round it to 7 billion individual, male and female , all actually in life, altogether are having daily needs , everylast is leaving somehow different wastes, imagine how many tones of daily incomes and outcomes? it is so easy to calculate , just multiply by 7 and add 9 zeros to the write of the obtained number, so huge and enormous! 😀

I won’t write about the population’s daily needs, so many experts did give articles and books about it, in addition everybody is running hardly to evaluate his daily incomes but besides all that effort there is an additional valuable part of life that we all should increase the bid and intensify our worries, did you guess? yes, SEWAGE!!! I am sure and certain that no one of those 7 billion persons thought where, how,when,…..and many related questions about sewage before thinking of the children’s breakfast , work, car, bank,….even though the first thing we do when we wake up is visiting toilet. Did you think about sewage while using WC? Neither me, at list years or  months ago 😛
Do you imagine how many daily tones of human wastes (stool) ?!!!- yes, enormous!!! Where all that waste go or spill ? How is it refined? How is it treated? In which ways will be developed and consumed again?!!! more and more questions in few minutes comes to my mind while using WC ! These interrogations began overstraining and overloading me ones I dragged the flush!!! yes, in that second how many individual did the same action same as me? can you calculate the amount of water in every flush? old style toilets(2001) can use up to 13liters of water in a single flush, latest low-flush models spend between 6 and 4 liters in one flush, certainly the number is incredibly high! billions and billions liters of clean water turns in seconds into sewage, isn’t it so sad and painful?! certainly, it is a disaster, the wastewater treatment companies are performing a considerable services that we can not deny, but the question is, is that water enough potable to be consumed as the original water coming from its sources ? I read documents that water has a memory ” if you think about these findings for a minute you may become shocked! Water holds a memory that we can digitally record; and we are able to digitally re-write other water, even when the substance is no longer in it. ” What that means?! can recycled treated water be mischievous in certain uses? Are we to classify the allowed uses of such water and so strictly? are you with or against wastewater  treatment to develop “biodiesel” ?

If I will be able to answer to all those interrogations on a humble article such this, still it remains one more question that I can not answer, who will be able to control the whole system “water” and “sewage” in the coming next years  or in the  next decade …?

Thank you so much for reading; your opinion is precious!

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Posts coming soon

Dear readers,

Soon we will start new posts, so many issues will be discussed, new ideas, stunning pictures and videos from all over the world .Keep in touch  😉

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