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When your crop is not growing well, ask your seeds !

The largest seed in the world is coco de mer or as it is known by its name double coconut (giant fan palm) reach up to 44 lbs of weight , mostly found in the Seychelles in the Indian ocean. … Continue reading

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Rural commercial signs and e-signs

How remunerative is the rural business signs  or  outdoor commercial signs ? Are the size, shape and place important for the success of a commercial  banner? Is the slogan stronger than the picture as a commercial advertising banner? Is the … Continue reading

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Water memories in the sewage!

The total world population is currently estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau to be 6,894,765,132. lets round it to 7 billion individual, male and female , all actually in life, altogether are having daily needs , everylast is leaving somehow … Continue reading

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