When your crop is not growing well, ask your seeds !

The largest seed in the world is coco de mer or as it is known by its name double coconut (giant fan palm) reach up to 44 lbs of weight , mostly found in the Seychelles in the Indian ocean.

0.2 mm in diameter,it is the smallest seed in the world coming from a plant called coral-root orchid.

A seed is carrying all genetic traits for a plant however its size or shape.

I feel compelled to correct some strategy ways of limitless disregard of some campaigns toward the virginity and the generosity of a seed!

Thousands years ago, men and seeds live together tirelessly, the more men plant the more seeds are giving rewards, the circle of life was going so perfectly, mostly without any strikes.

Humans population grow, seeds crops proliferate. How?! the answer is so  simple, the same way our population is growing the seeds community grows too. Farmers increase, crops reproduce. A very strong relationship between plants and humans, we are serving it and it is serving us, a wonderful and harmonic reciprocity!

But Greed and avarice brought some individuals to play with seeds gens in the end that leaded to the depopulation of seeds, sterilization of Earth and a quit slow termination of humanity! The results are thwarting!

Among the companies working on GMO’s field, the famous Monsanto and the greediest one! some are calling it Monsatan, related to Satan itself, For its immoral acts!

Anyway,  I am here not to point the finger on a specific company neither to lead a certain group, no, I am present to remind people about a very important fact which is HEALTH, yes , being healthy is already a real wealth that we are owning, so many are ignoring this fact or may be just not giving  it its true value. Living a life without disease is a gift from the almighty god, look at yourself if you have a very mild flue or if you brook a leg or cat one of your fingers, even so mildly, an annoying feeling and a disturbing one 😦

The consumption of GMOs can result serious heath troubles for humans as well as for animals,  some of the studies on laboratory rats showed that, those latter suffered from the shrink of the brain and extensibility of the pancreas, the rats was consuming GM potatoes….!!!

“you should be able to see patently that  the destiny of the humanity is more vulnerable  presently than it ever has been!”

These are some of the opposite  opinions  that I had chosen  to convey the different ways of people thinking!

@Gumby518 I didn’t mean to be offensive by it I just meant that the supposed cancer caused by GM foods (which I don’t personally believe) would occur 10-70 years from now. Meanwhile there are 1000s if not 100,000s dying right this moment from the famine caused by drought. I’d rather die of cancer old than starve young. There is a big difference.”

@jasusi2 Humans have survived quite well without poisoned GM food, but they wont be surviving long with it.

Look at the crime that took place in the UK, where GM potatos were found to be deadly, which then led to the esteemed research team being sacked & a smear campain launched against them by corrupt media acting for corrupt government officials who work closely with GM toxic food producers.”

Author: Fatin Khawarizmi

About Fatin

My greatest moments, the time I give help to someone who really need it!
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10 Responses to When your crop is not growing well, ask your seeds !

  1. The term that is being used for this practice is “nutricide” and aiming at decimation of the population to eliminate “useless” mouths to feed who are unproductive and in these terms “worthless” to the wealth of the big companies. It’s a shame that these companies can’t just be taken out, lawfully stopped for killing people KNOWING they spread death, and then shift gear to taking all action to allow mother nature to return to health and healing after having been “raped” by greed. I do not understand some people who are still buying these non-foods.

    Thanks for posting!

    • Fatin says:

      Unfortunately Lydia, what you said is the bitter truth, no one can deny it, the list we can do is to spread awareness and to wake up people!
      I appreciate a lot your comment!

  2. Thanks for sharing Fatin. There’s a lot of research on this topic and regrettably some of the big conglomerates have complete control. Not good for our future. Great post.

    • Fatin says:

      You did say it Todd!”Some individuals” but not the majority, that means we are the ones who are wrong and we are the ones who are letting few Maniacs playing with our lives and destroying our lands….
      TYSM Todd 😉

  3. I never thought about this. I always just buy the organic seeds, plant them, water them and offer thanks for whatever comes up. My MIL lives in the country and uses her own seeds from previous years. her crops are always gorgeous and amazing!

    • Fatin says:

      That is great what you are doing Beth, some things in human life do not accept any interference from the science, it must stay as the almighty god created it, seeds & human should stay intact!

  4. Jean Kelsey says:

    You bring attention to what many people have no idea about. Kudos! I suppose if someone sat and pondered this ‘mess’ it would boggle the mind. Stick with organic, support the organic world in every way possible. It will surely keep you alive a lot longer. Great post Fatin!

    • Fatin says:

      “Stick with organic, support the organic world in every way possible.”
      I quoted your clauses, it should be framed and hanged on everyone’s wall!!!
      TYSM Jean!

  5. Great Blog Fatin. You bring up a lot of issues & items that should be addressed up on the Hill. A Fair Trade system is really the way to go. The playing field should be even and NO one company should “control” all of the seeds – with all the events of the world today it seems somehow we have slipped into the Twilight Zone. Our original Fathers of this Country had it right and esp. Washington – he would rather be a Farmer than King and Farming was more important than being a Politico.

  6. Fatin says:

    I hope someday that the roles will be distributed evenly and the greed will not be the standard of some persons!
    Without farmers all politicians will die hungry 😀

    TYSM Sebastian 😉

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