Water memories in the sewage!

The total world population is currently estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau to be 6,894,765,132.
lets round it to 7 billion individual, male and female , all actually in life, altogether are having daily needs , everylast is leaving somehow different wastes, imagine how many tones of daily incomes and outcomes? it is so easy to calculate , just multiply by 7 and add 9 zeros to the write of the obtained number, so huge and enormous! 😀

I won’t write about the population’s daily needs, so many experts did give articles and books about it, in addition everybody is running hardly to evaluate his daily incomes but besides all that effort there is an additional valuable part of life that we all should increase the bid and intensify our worries, did you guess? yes, SEWAGE!!! I am sure and certain that no one of those 7 billion persons thought where, how,when,…..and many related questions about sewage before thinking of the children’s breakfast , work, car, bank,….even though the first thing we do when we wake up is visiting toilet. Did you think about sewage while using WC? Neither me, at list years or  months ago 😛
Do you imagine how many daily tones of human wastes (stool) ?!!!- yes, enormous!!! Where all that waste go or spill ? How is it refined? How is it treated? In which ways will be developed and consumed again?!!! more and more questions in few minutes comes to my mind while using WC ! These interrogations began overstraining and overloading me ones I dragged the flush!!! yes, in that second how many individual did the same action same as me? can you calculate the amount of water in every flush? old style toilets(2001) can use up to 13liters of water in a single flush, latest low-flush models spend between 6 and 4 liters in one flush, certainly the number is incredibly high! billions and billions liters of clean water turns in seconds into sewage, isn’t it so sad and painful?! certainly, it is a disaster, the wastewater treatment companies are performing a considerable services that we can not deny, but the question is, is that water enough potable to be consumed as the original water coming from its sources ? I read documents that water has a memory ” if you think about these findings for a minute you may become shocked! Water holds a memory that we can digitally record; and we are able to digitally re-write other water, even when the substance is no longer in it. ” What that means?! can recycled treated water be mischievous in certain uses? Are we to classify the allowed uses of such water and so strictly? are you with or against wastewater  treatment to develop “biodiesel” ?

If I will be able to answer to all those interrogations on a humble article such this, still it remains one more question that I can not answer, who will be able to control the whole system “water” and “sewage” in the coming next years  or in the  next decade …?

Thank you so much for reading; your opinion is precious!

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10 Responses to Water memories in the sewage!

  1. Jean Kelsey says:

    Great article and a great closing question! There is so much that we do not think about and this happens to be one of those topics. If there is a way to change our waste and our water into something that we can truly use for other ‘needs’ that would be great and it would certainly take some of the pressure off high fuel prices. Maybe one day that will happen! Wouldn’t that be amazing to not have to rely on other countries for our fuel needs when we can produce it ourselves. 😉

    • speaks2 says:

      Certainly Jean, replying on other countries for fuel needs is an obstacles that whole people are confronting and I mean people like you and us who do not have petrol and must use it for our daily needs, I think even the big countries of petrol must think of it! because there is end of everything and for sure the ocean of petrol will stop someday to be generous!
      Thank you so much Jean for that great comment 😉

  2. A thought-provoking post. Thanks for writing and sharing with us.

  3. Water: one of the first things that men fought to control since the first wells in Mesopotamia. Much of the Bible talks about water, how precious it is, how brings about fights. You ask some hard-hitting questions. And it makes me glad that we have our own well on good land.

  4. Paying a little more attention, especially on this matter would go a long way towards better health and less disease. Thanks for bringing an important issue to light. Great post. 🙂

  5. speaks2 says:

    In the holly bible as well in the holly Cor’aan water was mentioned several times in some verses because the almighty god alone knows how life began and everything is related to warter even life itself ! Thank you so much Beth 🙂

  6. speaks2 says:

    Exactly Todd, the more we care of water the more we recycle it and try to not spend it without care the more disease decrease ,
    Thank you so much Todd 🙂

  7. speaks2 says:

    Terri, glad you found my Article so provoking!
    Thank you so much 🙂

  8. I’m definitely a supporter of the theory and more and more so as I coach people to be conscious of health, and drink clean and energizing water – the waste problem is one that has kept me thinking for a long time but would drive me insane if I were to let it bother me.
    I firmly believe that we could learn more about the memory in water and how to optimize the water cycle in order to help the natural flow of water to where it needs to be in order to sustain life, to cleanse, and to be cleansed.

  9. speaks2 says:

    It is not bad Lydia to remind people time to time about this kind of vital things but for sure not make it a nightmare, thank you dear 🙂

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