No shallow breath with laughter!

Breathing  or inhaling air is a mechanism starting by a  nose ( never mind the size  😀  ),  the air is refined  and  distributed through lungs ( should have healthy ones, beware from  smoking and  smoke,  all kind of dusts, chemical odors,  ….etc )  and finally but  not  the  end 😉   breathing out or exhaling  to make out all wastes and toxins. the inhalation and exhalation procedure  will  not  be fully successful  or I can say satisfactory  without the presence of  good conditions for  a healthy breathing starting by clean air, happy  none stressed mood  and  a  good  nutrition  ( rich in iron, the best eat green leaves, never mind to mimic Sheep`s   😀 ).

We can stay without foods for three or four weeks, without water for three weeks but we can not stay without air for more than three minutes  (O ___ O), yes that is the truth which everybody of us  knows but even though, we are leaving half breathing, I can say most of us are lazy to inhale a fully breathe!  how can I show that? Ah, yes it looks like this (: o)  and like that (:O) , the less we inhale air the more our lungs become minuscule same as the letter “o” comparing with the letter “O”when we take a big amount of air and fill up our lungs,   that means less Oxygen  penetrating  our blood.  1/5  (20%)   of  air contains  O2 , the more the air is polluted  the more Oxygen decreases, of course  the O2 inhaled decrease too! So, what  can be the solution? where ever we are there is something called pollution, in the house we can leave with the presence of  detergents, perfumes, dust can be  from certain blankets, carpets or curtains, it can be human  or animal skin and hair  …etc In the gardens can be pollen, soil, animal wastes …etc Outdoors,yes,  all that tones of  car wastes, and  heavy wind scoping kinds  of Forms and types of pollutants to the air and to the nature!  of course it is close to miracle to avoid  it! Starting by our domiciles and our offices by avoiding some bad habits, yes I am calling it bad habits, when we expose our selves to detergents without taking precautions is a bad habit, when we dust in steed to use  vacuum  for anything furniture,  bed and even pillows and curtains …it is also a bad habit. I want to say, we have to try to avoid as much as possible all behaviors affecting  the air therefore touching us! There is an Arabic proverb saying “do not throw ourselves to perdition”

Watching this video  is making me laugh on my failures and smile  for my success but never laugh on somebody so special  and  hilarious like this man! Ah, LAUGHTER is the best medicine!!!  From now on, no shallow breath, keep laughing but chose the right place to inhale a fresh healthy air and stimulate your day 😉

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My greatest moments, the time I give help to someone who really need it!
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2 Responses to No shallow breath with laughter!

  1. Jean Kelsey says:

    Fun post Fatin! Breathing is something we take for granted for sure! I remember when I was performing on stage in front of lots of people how intense it was and would forget to breathe! I was so worried that I’d forget my dance steps. Sean is an inspiration to enjoy life! Get your dance party going!

  2. My guest yesterday, the legendary jazz musician Fred Ho, wrote about the importance of breathing, especially as he was undergoing chemotherapy. I think when it comes to breathing, how we breathe really makes a huge difference as far as keeping a calm and balanced disposition.

    Laughter of course, is always a great way to bring yourself out of a funk and back around. Thanks for such a great post! Keep breathing and keep smiling! 😉

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