Rural commercial signs and e-signs

How remunerative is the rural business signs  or  outdoor commercial signs ?

Are the size, shape and place important for the success of a commercial  banner?

Is the slogan stronger than the picture as a commercial advertising banner?

Is the costing price equivalent  with the benefit of the  banners ?

Everywhere,  tons and tons of commercial signs hanged up and down, different colors and slogans, millions of dollars spent on piles  of rectangular or circular handcrafted boards, waterproof and insect-proof materials, all calling for a same purpose.

Although the diversity of the majority of  investments, some signs are attracting  people  and are  enough visible to say come buy me or invest in me and some barely noticeable!

Through my experience in business, the value of commercial sign  is in its guidances not on signage beauty and the  costing decoration of the commercial sign, however, its importance  for any franchise  or  franchiser  lies in the extent of the interest or benefit imported to the beneficiary (in other words, what you’ll gain as an investor, franchiser… etc )

Nowadays, we can explore a new type of signs,  it is the virtual signs or networking signs that we can find everywhere popping while browsing, chatting, entertaining,….., can the latter be more beneficiary than rural signs as we start to believe in e-market?!   😀

Author :  Fatin khawarizmi


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9 Responses to Rural commercial signs and e-signs

  1. Jean Kelsey says:

    I think signs and banners are important and some are more cleaver than others. So many companies dump huge amounts of money into an advertising campaign and I often wonder what the pay back is for their time/money spent. Some of the best advertisements that I have seen from small business owners is a message on their cars! A decal, license plate or magnet sign. A one time cost that may reap more benefits than daily campaigns in news papers or magazines. Of course, if you have the money to invest in some ad campaign then why not do it? Just think outside the box and make it better than anything else out there 🙂

    • speaks2 says:

      I loved your comment Jean , it is what I want exactly from my readers, the maximum opinions about signs and banners, I want the comments will be an add to my article somewhat like an open discussion.
      Thanks again Jean 🙂

  2. We got an IKEA store in our town recently, and they put up a huge sign that could be seen for miles, which is nice because it makes it easy to find in a not-so-easy-to-navigate area. But people protested. The city griped. Code were re-written, and they had to put up a smaller sign. It was ridiculous!

    • speaks2 says:

      That is the indirect taxes that a franchiser or a business person pays, when we spend million of dollars to open a business and hundred thousand dollars for a banner then suddenly a group of people or resident protest because of the size of a commercial sign! it is really ridiculous!!!

      Thank you so much Beth for your enriching comment

  3. Under-appreciated and very important. There are more signs in the world than people. The best ones are unique, eye grabbing… they catch our attention. Signage doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact some of the best campaigns with signs are very inexpensive. If you own a retail business and customer flow is slow, a careful review of signage is definitely a place to examine. Well done.

  4. speaks2 says:

    Thank you so much Todd, an expert in franchising like you certainly knows how important is the signage but the most important as you said is the eye grabbing not necessary the very high cost of the sign to be attractive an unique!
    Certainly an important add to my blogpost made by your comment, thanks again 🙂

  5. Nice post!! Love the new types of signs…I embrace the e-Market and love the fact that it is easier to navigate if you can easily follow the signs. What I find super important for sign posts in rural areas is that it doesn’t take away from the beauty of the area, and fits discretely into the natural setting. I can’t tell you how I get the creeps when I drive through a beautiful area and then hit the golden arches of McDonalds. It does help them to get a constant flow of customers but I guess, I don’t particular like it.

  6. GREAT blog Fatin that poses some goods questions. I agree with Jean’s comment “signs and banners are important and some are more cleaver than others.” Right now I’m very impressed with Chipotle – the business model is sharp / brilliant and the quality of the food is great too not to mention is the stock doing quite well! Chipotle has some very simple but memorable billboards. Soon we will have Bladerunner style augmented reality billboards much like holograms. Now that will be amazing but at the same probably quite intrusive. In the end it’s ALL about balance. 🙂

  7. Fatin says:

    That is excellent Sebastian you add one more point to my article, holograms, “ALL about balance”
    That’s absolutely correct!
    TYSM for the great add to my article 🙂

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